8 GIFs to Sum Up the Presidential Debate

In case you missed the first presidential debate of the season, here are some gifs to help you stay up-to-date while avoiding the more cringe-worthy moments.




Trump’s “winning temperament” comment had us all convulsing out of sheer ludicrousness.


I guess we can finally let #FirstWorldProblems die in peace.


Trump bragged about being under audit for the better part of 15 years AND about the fact that he managed to close his racially charged lawsuit without any admission of guilt (and also without any evidence of innocence).


Trump’s (not so) shocking admission regarding not paying income tax simply made him a smart business man…


Trump showed extreme “restraint” by only mentioning what he could have mentioned about Hillary and her family affairs (see what I did there?).


And lastly, the zinger Hillary used to clinch the debate win!

You might be asking yourself, “What does this internet stranger think about the first presidential debate?” Well my anonymous internet friends, after downing an entire bottle of pink wine all by my lonesome while watching the debate, I have finally found one gif that sums up my thoughts quite nicely.




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