9 Puppy GIFs to Get You Through the Rest of Your Week

It’s hump day and, in a lot of ways, it can feel like a Monday (let’s be honest, every day except Friday is basically another Monday). Some days my brain doesn’t want to do its job so I’m giving it a break by looking up the cutest puppies gifs to share with you. No need to thank me. So I am here with a dose of puppies for your weekly pick me up!

1. The “Give Me 5 More Minutes” Puppy

The "Give Me 5 More Minutes" Puppy

2. The “When You Haven’t Seen Bae All Week” Puppy

The "When You Haven't Seen Bae All Week" Puppy

3. The “It’s Only Wednesday!” Puppy

The "It's Only Wednesday!" Puppy

4. The “Hold Me Closer” Puppy

The "Hold Me Closer" Puppy

5. The “Eating is Hard” Puppy

puppy 11

6. The “It Wasn’t Me” Puppy

puppy 12

7. The “Acrobat” Puppy

puppy 13

8. The “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up” Puppy

puppy 8

9. The “Over Achiever” Puppies

puppy 14

I hope you enjoyed this brain break as much as I did. Nothing like looking at puppy gifs for an hour to make you feel productive. Also, only 1 more day until Friday! You can do this!


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