vintage wedding dress collage

7 Wedding Dress Trends That Deserve a Comeback

“Save the Date!”

“The Hunt is Over!”

“He Stole My Heart so I’m Stealing His Last Name!”

If your mailbox looks anything like mine, it is overflowing with save the dates and wedding invites. After watching my future sister-in-law try on wedding dresses, getting ready to go to a friend’s wedding this weekend (Congrats Ken and Kaelene!), and watching my Pinterest feed fill up with current wedding trends, my nostalgic self took a look back at past wedding trends that I think deserve a comeback, a reinvention, a swan song…or something like that!

1. Sleeves

Victorian Wedding Gown1800 dress 2

These are wedding dresses circa the 1800s. Very Jane Austen. They’re simple, elegant, and flaunting some killer short sleeves. In all the wedding photos flocking to my Facebook newsfeed I see a lot of strapless or thin strap wedding dresses (all gorgeous)! I’d just hate to leave a good sleeve hanging.

2. Gold

Gold embroidered 1920s wedding gownGold wedding dress circa 1900s

These 2 dresses are from the early 1900-1920s. I’ve already noticed a big comeback in the theme of Gatsby weddings and gold was a huge color for the art deco age. More and more brides are shying away from the classic white and ivory, with silver and pastel pinks taking over, so let’s add gold back into the mix!

3. Dramatic Veils

1920s wedding dress and dramatic veilearly 1900s dramatic wedding veil

Go big or go home! Trains have always been a staple wedding trend, but what about if your train was also your veil? Who doesn’t love a 2 in 1 deal! Dramatic veils were all the rage in the 20s and 30s and these ladies do them justice!

4. Silk

1940s silk (rayon) wedding gown1930's wedding gown made of silk

Silk, or rather rayon, dresses were all the rage in the 1940s and these simplistic gowns exude elegance and class.

Fun Fact: As a bride in the 1940s, silk was hard to get ahold of due to its use in parachutes during WWII, so rayon took its place.

5. Short Wedding Dresses

Audrey Hepburn in short wedding gownclassic high low wedding gown

Audrey Hepburn looks beautiful in anything including this short, tea length wedding dress that is so simple yet so unique. And the high-low combo in the second photo shows a little ankle can go a long way!

6. Simple Gowns

1960s dress 11960s wedding gown

There’s a lot of lace lovers out there (me included) and dresses these days seem to be taken over with lace, beads, dramatic belts and ruffles. These 1960s wedding gowns are simple and elegant, and draw focus to the bride herself and not just the dress.

7. High Necklines

Princess Anne of England on her wedding dayGrace Kelly on her wedding day with a high-necked wedding gown

Though sweetheart necklines are popular now, high-collared wedding dresses deserve some love too! Grace Kelly and Princess Anne seem to agree.

These are just a few of my favorite vintage wedding looks. What are yours? Leave a comment below!

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