Life in Cedar Falls…So Far

I would say my time was being spent productively, which kept me from entertaining you all with my awkward life stories, but this is not the truth, and I must not tell lies. I spend my days as any college student would mid-summer: sleeping in, staying up late and filling the days with constant snacking and TV bingeing.

The good news is that I am finally adjusted to US time, only in time to adopt a sleeping pattern consisting of staying up past midnight and waking up around 11 (oops). I am re-acquainted with my long-lost gluttonous loves such as Panera, Cold Stone and many many more. But no worries, there are still a multitude of restaurants which have yet to be graced with my presence. In other, more depressing and soggy news, I seemed to have brought the UK weather back to Iowa with  me. Instead of long walks around the sunny neighborhood/corn fields (a mid-west twist on the long walks on the beach) we are now only able to hop around the block avoiding puddles and while becoming increasingly paler. Yay. Yet us residents of 1505 are determined to make the best of it and chance making a bonfire with the probability of rain looming over our heads while they simultaneously cover up the beautiful stars. Mother Nature is just being bitchy now.

Upon returning home from my 3 month hiatus, I went in search of employment and have had no luck. I will be continually applying, calling, annoying any place that I have a chance of being hired at. Finger’s crossed! While I have currently been mozying around and basically living the life of a cat, sans-litter box- this too will come to an end. I am sad to announce, starting Monday, June 10, 2013, I, Marissa Gaal, will be attending….summer classes. There, I said it! It is an intensive four week class where we will be talking about Blues and Jazz in African American Literature and Film. A bit of a mouthful to say. I have 8 books/plays I will have to read in 4 weeks, and no idea yet on how many papers I am expected to write. After attending class one hour a day, only 4 days a week this past semester, sitting through a 2 hour and 40 minute class four days in a row will definitely get me back on track. Going from High School to college was great, from UNI to University of Stirling even better! But trying to reverse back will be wearisome.

I wish I had exciting stories, news, or gossip for you, my very few readers, but my life is lack-luster. But I would like to take the time to give a shout out to my friends, Renee and Lynn whom are leaving for the summer! Renee is directing for Camp Adventure in Hawaii on the base there and Lynn is leaving tomorrow for Sicily, Italy to direct as well! I know they are both outgoing and amazing leaders and I will miss the crap out of you both! Hurry back to me!

That is all I have to share now. I am sure by next week I will be blogging/complaining about the unrealistic expectations professors have of their students’ capabilities. Until next time…:)


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