Home Sweet Home

I have technically been home for nearly 5 days now and I haven’t posted any updates. Oops. I have been busy getting everything in order for going to the state track meet with my mom and getting packed up again to move into my house in Cedar Falls and trying to see everybody in between. It has been a crazy and worrisome 5 days.

I got home around midnight on Tuesday night, or Wednesday morning. I finally laid down about 1:30 to sleep and was out cold until 6:30 am rolled around and my body was telling me I need to wake up because it is noon! So I was up and ready to go the earliest I have ever been in the past few months and I started packing up my stuff to be moved into my new house while I got ready to go to the State Track meet with my mom. I figured packing would take me a while but I was done by about 8:00 and then I started laundry and went to the store and watched pointless TV… It was the longest morning of my life!

Luckily noon rolled around and I headed into town to eat lunch at my grandparents. I thought I was going to pop by the time I was through eating! She made me a chicken breast, green beans, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, my favorite orange side salad, angel food cake and ice cream!

Later in the day when Addie came home from school and Mom was off work, we hung out until my friends, Brant, Nate and Kyle came to see me:) It was great to see them all, although it was definitely a testosterone filled conversation. Just like old times I guess:) I then headed to my friend, Joe’s, house to see who was hanging out there and that night was…interesting, to say the least. By 10:00 I was beyond exhausted and went home and collapsed into bed.

The next morning I was up by about 7 and started getting ready to head to Des Moines. We left around noon and arrived at 2 and stayed until about 8. After that we treated ourselves to frozen yogurt and once again I was ready for bed by 9. The next couple of days were nice and leisurely. We went shopping and bought the necessities for my new bedroom (and it still looks sparse), all it needs now is curtains for the window and closets and then it will start to feel more like home:)

Getting moved in wasn’t so bad. I didn’t bring much up since I knew I was going to be going home eventually and I don’t have a lot of ‘stuff’ in general. My closet is definitely the least full out of everyone’s here, and it won’t take much persuasion to fill it up ๐Ÿ™‚ We are very lucky to be living in this place. The rooms are great sizes and we each get two closets. I have a twin bed but could easily fit a queen. The place itself is only about a year old and is in great shape:) I am happy we ended up where we did. So far everything between the roommates is good, although I feel a little out of the loop since they have been together the past few days before I moved in.

Now I am left to the task of finding a job and ways to fill my time until my class in June begins. Fingers crossed everything keeps going according to plan!


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