So It’s Been Awhile

So I know I haven’t updated you guys on my oh-so-exciting life here in Scotland lately, and it’s mainly because I haven’t been up to much outside of Dance rehearsals, homework, and the Dance @SU show this past Friday. I have been stuck on  campus for the majority of my time, but I will relate to you the more exciting parts of my past weeks.

On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be invited to my friend, Betsy’s 20th birthday party pub crawl. It was themed “American” and the Scottish people were better at representing America than we were! There was an Indian, a Statue of Liberty, Abe Lincoln, baseball players, a full on American Flag, football players and cheerleaders! I attempted to look like a cowgirl, but there were two better dressed, Scottish cowgirls that showed me up. It was  ton of fun. The night was full of fun tasks and hilarious pictures:)

The rest of the week I spent stressing over my final essays, worth 50% or more of my final grade and the Dance @SU show. We had so many reheresals and I missed classes that my guilty conscience was going crazy! But I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate my situation. I have 1 week until my first paper is due and two weeks until the last one is due. Once I sorted that out I gave myself a little slack. Everyone at this time of year, with final papers and exams, stresses out when we really need to make sometime for ourselves.

On Friday, our dance show went great and although it was stressful backstage, it was worth it on stage. I really feel I have bonded with the dance girls, my only regret is that it happened so late in the year, and I feel I was just beginning to know them when my time is almost up and we no longer share 4 days of the week together at dance practices:( Going out after the show a blast though. After all the hard work put in that week, we all needed to let loose! We all got into Dusk for free and there had to be about 20 of us. I am glad I have gone out lately because after this week I will be on lock down until all my assignment are finished!

I took a personal day Saturday and went and got my hairs cut and finished all my gift shopping. Later a group of us went to see Iron Man 3 and, of course, it was great. My middle aged man crush  (aka Robert Downey Jr.) can do no wrong in my eyes:) As for today, I forced myself to go to the gym and then the library for three hours. Although I was truly considering shamelessly taking a nap on the work table, I was able to hammer out a very detailed outline for one essay so I can get cracking on writing it tomorrow. So far I am on track for getting my 2 rough drafts finished this week.

Anyway, I know how much my academic life excites you all, and I probably won’t  have much else to talk about, so I am glad I can share it with you all, a very caring and education oriented audience (please note the sarcasm). I am still a little shocked by the fact that I only have about 2 weeks left in this beautiful place before heading home and starting life again back in Iowa. I am at the stage where I am always filled with the conflicting emotions of wanting to never leave, but also wanting to go home and be with all the people I have missed so much while here. I am completely aware of how lucky I am to have been able to spend these 3 months here and I wish I could combine the best of both these worlds (wow I sound like Hannah Montana) but sadly I can’t. Now it’s time to make the most of my final days before starting a new chapter back at home.


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