Some of My Scottish Observations

I haven’t really done or gone anywhere exciting this past week or weekend, mainly because train tickets are not as cheap as they are cracked up to be! So I am dedicating this blog to some of my observations and conclusions about Scottish/UK life, style, mannerisms and phrases.

To start off, I will  begin by giving some examples of new words or phrases I have learned. Some are the same spelling as in American vernacular but have a completely different meaning. Here we go!:

1) Rubber= eraser

2) Water Closet/Toilet=Bathroom

3)Squash= concentrated Black Currant juice to mix with drinks



6)For F*&k’s Sake!= similar to our “For Christ’s/God’s Sake!”

7)Hen= term of endearment, usually directed at girls

8)You alright?= equivalent of America’s “How are you doing?”

9) Wellies= rainboots

10)Pants= underwear

11) Trousers= pants


These are just a few I can think of right now, there are plenty more and I promise to keep you updated! Next up is fashion sense. First up, the females. Girls here are into wearing black tights with extremely high waisted, shortie shorts ( I have become accustomed to calling them cheeky denim underwear) with Keds of one color or another. Converse are huge over here as well, along with skinny jeans. Also, there is a lot of studs on any piece of clothing/ body piercing ( the 90’s grunge is coming back). When it comes to hair, the messier and bigger the better, and lastly, when it comes to makeup, the more foundation, blush, eyeliner, fake lashes, and lipstick the better. Now for the males! Let me just point out that UK/European men know how to dress and you USA boys should take some notes. Although skinny jeans are pretty big for men as well, what’s more important is that they actually wear pants that fit. They aren’t baggy everywhere and need holding up. The men also know what shoes to wear for different occasions, opposed to having one pair they wear everywhere. Converse are the casual shoe but when it calls for going out, they have the classy ass shoes, looking dapper as ever, with a button up shirt and sometimes even a sport’s jacket. They look sophisticated and they know it. None of the baggy pants, Nike or Air Jordan high tops with a V neck under a sweatshirt you see back home. When they work out, they go all out when it comes to the shortie shorts. It may be disturbing to see on some men, but on the right men who are blessed with the perfect amount and shade of leg hair, I can appreciate a good upper thigh view:) Lastly, men know how to accessorize. Not like Johnny Depp accessorize with his 5 beaded bracelets, 7 rings and a handkerchief perfectly askew in his back pocket, but they are definitely rocking a manly necklace with one understated ring and one to two beaded/metal bracelets. Some men may call it girly, but I know for a fact women don’t have a problem with it, so… Maybe you guys should rethink that one.

There are plenty of other observations I have made in my 5 weeks here, but I won’t bore you with all of them at the moment (and I am having a slight brain-blank). I will keep you posted on whatever new words or phrases come my way so you can sound super Worldly without actually having gone anywhere ( but you don’t have to tell people that:)


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