It’s Looking Up:)

I know my post yesterday was slightly depressing, although 100% true. I was at a point where I felt extremely foreign, which is obviously normal, and out of sorts. But I don’t want everyone to think I haven’t done anything great in the past couple of days!

I have been able to explore the town of Stirling which is a beautiful city. I have been able to see the Dunblane Cathedral which is one of the oldest religious sites in Scotland. I have met and socialized with great people from all over the world. I now can say I have friends from Australia, Germany, France, Ireland and obviously Scotland. My friend, Claudia, who is from Australia, even plays the bagpipes!

I started classes today, and by that I mean I went to one class for 50 minutes and only have one class tomorrow in the morning. Then I went to the school’s freebie fair, where they have a ton of stuff you can take for free! I got a new sweat shirt, cooking supplies ( which I was way to excited about) and a ton of pens! All my classes will pick up on Monday but it was good to start getting back into a routine. I am getting more and more sleep each night and feeling the best I have since getting here.

This weekend is going to be filled with all things Stirling such as the William Wallace Monument, the William Wallace Pub Karaoke night, and Stirling Castle. Tomorrow we are going to a pub called the Kangaroo in a Kilt which is supposedly Australian cuisine. But we have an Australian living with us and she admits there is practically no such thing as Australian Cuisine… they just stole everything from other places. It’s going to be interesting;)

I have to thank everyone again who put up with my pity parties and who offered me advice. It truly has helped me get through these first couple of days. It is great to know I have an amazing group of people behind me and I hope I can be there for all those who have been there for me:) I have amazing parents at home who sent me my first package that came at the perfect time: Valentine’s Day! My wonderful mother made me one of her signature blankets ( it is little mermaid themed) and sent me a HUGE jar of peanut butter and Lindor Chocolates:) I am truly blessed. I am starting to realize I only have about 12 weeks left in Scotland and I need to make the most of those weeks! I will no longer spend my time wallowing and crying about things that aren’t worth my time. I am going to make this the best experience of my life and I hope I will be able to share all my experiences with you, my few yet faithful readers;)


3 thoughts on “It’s Looking Up:)

  1. Yay! I’m glad to hear that things are smoothing out a bit! Pay due respect to William Wallace for us – Chris’s grandmother was a Wallace (hence Peter Samuel Wallace Macky).

  2. I also had to send / or take P butter to our girls when they studied there. They could not go a whole semester without it πŸ˜‰ !

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