Super Freak…Out Time!

I believe internalizing some of my worries and frustrations is finally taking it’s toll, at least in my subconscious mind. Last night I dreamed I was being terrorized by possessed rodents. And when I say rodents, I mean MASSIVE rodents that would come crawling out of no where anytime my feet hit the ground. They are relentless creatures. Then today, during a spontaneous nap (since that’s considered spontaneous to me now) I dreamed I was 3 years old, my younger sister named my Myriel (which I was debating on how to pronounce through out the entire dream), my cousins husband was her surrogate carrier with a circle shaved out of his stomach hair with a tattoo of the  word “Bubbles” and a picture of a weiner dog ( I do love weiner dogs), and my grandmother was  a witch (of the good, yet eccentric sort) who had magic plants growing on her patio; one of them possessing the power to cause your hair to grow for infinity where ever it touched your body. Lucky it only touched me on the side of the forehead so it was much easier to blend in. I vividly remember telling myself it would be useful if I ever needed to venture into a forest, because I could use my hair to find my way back out…

I feel as though this is a side effect of my cabin fever/ anxiety/ lack of intellectual stimulation. As ready and excited as I am to be leaving in a day and a half, that doesn’t mean I’m still not a little freaked out. It’s normal I know to be anxious and  a little sad but there is so much more to be happy about. Everything is slowly falling into place which eases some, not nearly all, of my worries. I am simply trying to attempt to look on the bright side. I will definitely need some positivity during my 8 hour flight to London:/ The end of my “summer” is almost up. I call it my summer considering I worked through mine and this is my vacation time, even though there aren’t as many upsides to having a vacation during the coldest months of the year. No matter, it’s not like I need to be tan for where I am going:)

I hope to blog as soon as possible to keep the very few readers I have informed as to if I arrived safely. I am sure there will be plenty of stories to tell about the airports and airplanes alone ( Best places for people watching EVER!). The next time you will be hearing from me will be when I am an ocean away and hopefully more relaxed and well rested (but who are we kidding).


2 thoughts on “Super Freak…Out Time!

  1. I’m loving the image of a circle of stomach hair shaved to reveal the tattoo of Bubbles the wiener dog! That’s bizarre-o. Have a fabulous trip!

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