You Know You’re True Friends When…

Although my sorry soul is stuck on American soil for two and a half more weeks, I have plenty of time to travel to various colleges to visit my myriads of friends:) Yesterday I went back to UNI to go out to eat with my old roommate and two new roommates, Rachel and Morgan, to get together one last time before I leave and before we all move in together this coming summer. After dinner I went to see some of my friends in my old dorm hall, Noehren.  The majority of these friends are men, and this is a disclosure that is an essential part to this post, so keep that in mind.

I, like many girls do (or say they do), have connected with men-as friends- as easily or maybe even more so than girls. I lived in a co-ed house my freshmen year and I made the grateful mistake of offering these guys cookies… one thing led to another and now you could say we are a very close, open, and no-holds-bar group of people.

I got the chance to stop by after dinner and thought it would be a short stop and ended up staying for 2 hours which meant I got to drive another 2 hours home around 10:00. But it was worth it 🙂 Everybody has heard, made their facebook status, or repinned the well known phrase,”True friends aren’t the ones who always stay in touch, but the ones who can meet down the line and it’s as though nothing has changed.” Or something like that. And I agree one hundred percent. I don’t get to see my friends as often now that I am at home and they are at school, but we always pick up where we left off, or in even more awkward situations (because they are usually all awkward).  I haven’t known these guys and girls my whole life, not even a fraction of it, but it’s as though we have never been apart, you know what I mean? We talk about anything and everything  ( I mean like “man-scaping” everything!) Its great to have a group of guys to talk to, especially about guys, and I bet they feel the same way about having me, yes a girl, as a friend ( even though they are adement that I have a penis, which I don’t).

One of my biggest fears whenever and to where ever I go is that my friends will forget me, that I will be a distant memory, and most frightening; that I will be replaced. But I know with the group of friends I am lucky enough to have here at home, at college or across the United States, that even if we don’t stay in touch as much as we should, I can count on coming back and feeling as though I never left.


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