Hello and welcome! I am Marissa…as you can tell by the subtle yet extremely obvious blog title. The title doesn’t come from an egotistical need to announce my presence (although that theory does hold water, considering I’m a middle child and will take attention where I can get it), but rather was inspired by how 95% of all of my introductions play out.

For example:

New person: Hi, I’m Nate. Nice to meet you.

Me: Hi, I’m Marissa.

New person: Melissa, nice to meet you!

Me: Actually, it’s Marissa…

And thus itsmarissa.com was born.

Other than answering to approximately 3 different names and developing a mild identity crisis, I am a human woman/aspirational adult looking to connect with other humans in the most destructive, enlightening, infuriating, hilarious, saddening, and entertaining place: the Internet (where you can’t possibly get my name wrong).